Monday, January 19, 2009

WASHINGTON D.C.: In the midst of an awe-inspiring presidential buzz

I’m fortunate enough to say that this is my third time in Washington D.C. The first experience came from the typical eighth grade spring break trip. Unfortunately all I remember is being paraded around the city with 24 other students while we all complained about how many stops our tour bus had to make. Oh yeah, my mom, who I love dearly, was chaperone numero uno. I feel guilty that my parents paid for something that I truly had no appreciation for at the time. My second trip came a week after I graduated high school. I saw many attractions including the National WWII Memorial. But I didn’t come to Washington for Washington; I came to attend a concert by Christian artist Chris Rice. I paid for my trip and completely underestimated the cost leaving me with zero dollars to do anything else.

They say the third time’s a charm, and this time they were right. Not only do I have the opportunity to experience Washington D.C. for a third time, but I get to be here during one of the most historical presidential inaugurations in history! How ridiculous is that? I know it’s a big deal because all my friends are now jealous and envious of me.

My headline speaks for itself in saying this has honestly been an awe-inspiring experience. Walking through the streets of D.C. creates a feeling of greatness that I will never be able to describe. Yes, I voted for Obama and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. It’s exciting and exhilarating to walk among the masses in support of one cause; a greater America. What’s even more spectacular is the fact that I know my vote made a difference. Last January Time magazine reported numbers on the first caucuses sharing proof that my generation was ready make our mark. “The youngest slice — the under-25 set, typically among the most elusive voters in all of politics — gave Obama a net gain of some 17,000 votes,” David von Drehle said. “He won by just under 20,000.”

Although I most likely won’t be able to see anything up close, I will be among the masses… and I can’t wait another minute.

Check out a blog post written by Jim Brady of the Spokesman-Review. It includes comments from Jasmine Linabary and a photo I took the day before the inauguration. Not the best quality. But hey, I e-mailed it from my cell phone.

-Erica Schrader

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