Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trip in Review

I would say that overall after being on this trip it was the greatest experience I have ever been on and I would tell anyone that study abroad is a must before you graduate college. The first thing that caught my eye about this trip was that I had never been to New York of Washington DC, so to experience those places with my fellow classmates was that much cooler. I had a lot of great times in both cities and wouldn’t have changed anything at all.

Best experiences in New York
· Going to a Broadway play called the Jersey Boys. I have never really liked plays before but everyone says you must go to one play in New York and for it was a really good decision and it was funny too. I also loved hanging out with my mom and she was lucky enough to be able to go to New York at the same time I was down there even though she didn’t have to.
· Going to all of the great food places that we went to even though I dropped some serious coin on this trip I wouldn’t have changed anything. I would say that the next time I go to New York I will make sure it is with my parents so I don’t have to pay anything. I think my favorite place that I ate at in New York had to have been ESPN Zone because I am a big sports fan and they had over 50 plasma screen TVs playing tons of sports. I also had the best rack of ribs there but they ended up costing me $25, o well that’s the cost of good food.
· Last but not least I loved visiting all of the important buildings and places in New York such as the Empire State Building. For me I have always been fascinated by the 9/11 attacks and why someone would ever do that so to see ground zero and what they have accomplished from that attack and how we came together as a society to help one another out was very special.

Best experiences in Washington D.C.
· I would say number one for me was defiantly going to see all of the important monuments in the mall area. My favorite was probably the Lincoln Memorial because Yong, Jordan, Maddie and I headed down there when it was getting dark and by the time were there the entire place was lit up which I think made it that much better. From the Lincoln you could see all the way to the Capitol which was pretty amazing.
· I would say we had the best food in DC and it felt like it was a little less expensive but still not cheap. For me the best place we ate at was probably the Old Ebbitt's Grill right next to the White House. I had the best bacon burger ever so that was really fun but I don’t think the waiter liked me very much and I have no idea why.
· I would say that I experienced some great museums while in DC as well. My favorite one was probably the Holocaust Museum because I had never really thought of the Holocaust before and to see the troubles that the Jewish people had to go through and to hear of some of the survivors stories was truly remarkable. It was also cool to get to go to the Archives Museum and see how this country was founded. We even got to see The Declaration of Independence and well as The Bill of Rights so that was pretty cool too.

Overall it was an awesome experience and I would totally do it again.

Patrick Kenney

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