Monday, January 19, 2009

INAUGURATION DAY: Not what I had in mind

I will be the first to admit that I bowed out of the masses around 6:30 this morning. For some reason the bitter cold weather got the best of me and I left not realizing it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I wanted to say that I’m sorry to my friends and family who were jealous and envious of my chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity that was presented and not taken full advantage of. You deserved to be there just as much if not more than I did.

On a positive note I can still say I was closer than millions and millions of people and I don’t regret being in D.C. for a second. Don’t ask me what I was thinking because I’m honestly without words. I keep hoping that I’ll wake up from a dream…

There’s just something unexplainable about standing in massive crowds. I can’t even imagine standing in the midst of a crowd that size with people who supposedly believe in one cause. I know for a fact that the picture I have in my mind is nothing compared to what my friends probably experienced this morning.

But, ever since I arrived in the nation’s capital the experience has been nothing but surreal. For a while it was extremely hard to believe that I was among the masses. Sirens constantly sounding off and vendors lining the streets selling t-shirts and hats in hopes to make you feel part of the movement. Just like the buzz in New York City, I once again got caught up here in Washington D.C.

Today, after hours of contemplating and hating myself, I realized that I didn’t have to be at the inauguration to feel like I’m part of the movement. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been spectacular, but it’s not about owning Obama memorabilia and standing in a crowd for an extended amount of hours. It’s about this country and how Obama plans to change it. My generation is responsible for a greater portion of his victory, what else could I ever ask for?

For history’s purposes consider this: George W. Bush’s inauguration attendance reached somewhere around half a million. Obama’s reached a few million. Everyone keeps saying history has been made and it’s exciting to say they’re right… and up until this evening I thought I had missed it. Yes, I didn’t attend the inauguration, but I still remain part of the history that lead to this glorious day.

-Erica Schrader

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  1. Don't feel too bad about not sticking it out. It was ridiculously cold out there. I'm honestly surprised that I was able to stay for the whole inauguration. I understand what you mean about getting caught up in the buzz - the sirens were the weirdest part for me. I think I just didn't know what to expect for days surrounding the inauguration.

    We are all a part of this historic moment. We were able to be in Washington DC at the time of Barack Obama's inauguration while millions of people watched all over the country from their homes. I can't believe we were here.

    Maddie Hayes


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