Saturday, January 10, 2009

My big day in the city that never sleeps

Patrick Kenney

So I woke up to go to The Met this morning with the class and I thought to myself that this museum was going to be any other museum but the whole class was going so I decided I should go. When I got there it didn't look that amazing and Jim said that it would take over 3 days just to see the entire musem. At first I said to myself I could probably see this whole thing in about an hour but at the end of my time there I had spent over 3 hours and that was without reading what the artifacts were about. I came out enriched with culture knowing that history can be pretty fun to learn about. After I went shopping with some of the group and had dinner while waiting for my mother to pick me up at the hostel.
My mom then came and we went to a broadway play called The Jersey Boys. Now I'm not one to go to a musical and have fun but this musical was absolutly amazing and I would tell anyone who likes or doesn't like musicals to go. Overall this day was amazing and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the class and my mom. My mom even to me out to dinner after the musical to a nice little Italian place not to far away. I always look at the bill after dinner and when I saw how much it was for two people it was crazy expensive. I even got to ride in my first taxi which was pretty scary because the taxi drivers are nuts but some how they never gett into any accidents. It was an awesome day.

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