Friday, January 23, 2009


Well we had a bit of a busy day today! We started off the day with a meeting with Pew Research Centre for the project for excellence in journalism. The work this group does was actually interesting to learn about, out of all the companies we have met with so far I think they have the most comprehensive idea of the state and future of the media.

Our second meeting was with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and they prepared a nice presentation with visual aids like video clips to use as they explained their work and current issues they are dealing with. He explained the current number one issues in radio broadcasting and television broadcasting. The largest issue in radio broadcasting is the problem of performance tax which deals with the relationship between radio stations, the music artists they play, and the economic condition. Television broadcasting is dealing with the huge transition from analog to digital and all the factors and problems that are circulating through that. 

The last meeting of the day was with a lobbyist from the Podesta group. Unfortunately our meeting could only be half an hour long, but we were able to cover interesting content. Nonetheless I enjoyed this meeting because I am fascinated by the work  that the Podesta group does. I like the combination of government/law with media and public relations.


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  1. I agree that the Project for Excellence in Journalism seems to have one of the best holds on the state of the media--perhaps due to the extensive research they conduct. I especially enjoyed Tom's reflections that technology gives way to a much richer form of jounalism and that if we learn how to use that medium well, we can make a better product.
    -Nikki Warner


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