Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our first day

I enjoyed our first meeting much more then I thought I would. I am not the most liberal gal in the world so I was worried that I wouldn't find F.A.I.R too interesting, but I was pleasantly surprised. Janine Jackson was clearly very well versed in the issues she discussed with us and I absolutely respected her opinions. I really appreciated her focus more on the hard facts then the political platforms. As she spoke I had a few questions I wanted to ask. If we had the time I would have liked to ask her if in her opinion that is ever a time when media could have a legitimate reason to not publish as truthly as they could. It seems to me that there can be situations or circumstances in our messy modern day world that a story may be more complicated then what a reporter is able to write. Overall I definitely enjoyed the meeting with Jackson and I absolutely respect her work and opinions.

The Smoking Gun was a great meeting. It was fun to see such successful men just hanging out and getting a laugh out of there job while still being completely professional. I think their work is great because it is honest and truth, but also that little laugh that people need when they read the news everyday. Being that I am interested in the way that people communicate I would have liked to ask them how people (especially the ones they publish stories about) respond to their work. Are people generally hostile about it, or good natured, or threaten to sue? I also was impressed that their operation is run by only 3 people, and they run it almost flawlessly! I also enjoyed how down-to-earth these men were despite there huge success. They still work with the same solid ethic that they started with on day one and I thought that was very encouraging.

-- Hannah


  1. I agree with you hannanh the smoking gun guys were really cool and I like how they are truthful abou their stories and make it known that all their stories are facts and they dont do gossip. I also agree that it is cool that only three people run that website it seems like alot of work! Im excited to meet the rest of the media people!

  2. I agree that both of those meetings were very interesting but my favorite was for sure The Smoking Gun because it was three guys who started from the bottom with a vision that evolved into a great business. It was cool how they were doing things in the meeting becasue we got to see them in action with the story on Charles Barkley. It will be interesting to see what other meetings we will have?

    Patrick Kenney


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