Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New York and Washington D.C.: nothing short of spectacular

Throughout the last three weeks I have been thinking about what this trip actually means to me, contemplating whether it was going to be just another study program or if it honestly would deliver me with the knowledge and skills I need to move forward, especially considering that my graduation is around the corner. In an attempt to avoid the feeling of “I’m special because I get to spend time in big cities with fancy media executives” I came the realization that this program truly meant one thing for me; becoming a better journalist. Although we did not have what you would call hands-on experiences, even the small things such as keeping a class blog brought me one step closer to my goal of expanding my skills as a journalist.
I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to participate in this incredible opportunity. Never in my lifetime would I have expected to meet and converse with most of the professionals that we encountered. I have to say that I certainly received more out of this experience than I originally expected. It was impressive to hear what these leaders had to say but also realizing that they to, just like me, have to adapt to this new concept of digital media. I knew journalism was facing challenges but it was reassuring to hear that organizations see it in an incredibly positive light.
As for relevancy purposes, I would say our meeting with the Associated Press happened to be the most beneficial to me. Because it's such a large organization I felt that the AP is adapting well to changes and also feel like they truly understand the future of journalism. I know the AP caters to all age groups and it was nice to see and experience that. What a great organization to be a part of.
As for the sights I would say my favorite, hands down, was our visit to Brooklyn Heights in New York. Experiencing the beautiful view was something I have no words to describe. I remember walking around and feeling at peace for the first time since we arrived there. If you don't now, Brooklyn is just outside of the city and in a way I felt like I was still in the city but in a much more calm and peaceful light.
Goodbye New York and Washington D.C., you're nothing short of spectacular.

-Erica Schrader

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  1. I agree with your comment about the trip proving to be much more beneficial for the long-run than we had initially expected. To have the opportunity to hear media professionals speak to their long-term experience and provide students with information regarding those observations was far more than I would have imagined before we left. Not only did we learn from the executives, but the trip also proved valuable through personal experiences such as the Knicks game, New York City Ballet, conversing with the locals, and riding public transportation. What a month!

    -Danika Heatherly


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