Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New York City in nine days

by Yong Kim

I took the liberty to city map our excursion during our nine-day stay in Manhattan. It's impressive. Below is virtually a complete list (a few missing) of restaurants, businesses and areas of New York City we visited. Click on the colored marks on the map for more information.

1. Viacom – College Publisher/MTVU
2. Associate Press
3. Barron’s Magazine
4. Bean & Bean Organic Coffee
5. Ben & Jerry’s
6. Blockheads
7. Bread
8. Broadway Restaurant
9. Brooklyn Bridge
10. Brooklyn Heights
11. Café Lalo
12. The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
13. Channel 13/WTN
14. Chrysler Building
15. Cleopatra’s Needle
16. Columbia Journalism Review
17. Columbia School of Journalism
18. Columbus Circle
19. Empire State Building
20. ESPN Center
21. FAIR
22. Financial District
23. Flat Iron Building
24. Grand Central
25. Greenwich Village
26. Grimdali’s Pizza
27. Ground Zero
28. Hostelling International
29. Ketchum Public Relations
30. Liberty Island and Statue of Liberty
31. Lincoln Center Plaza
32. Little Italy
33. Mac Store
34. Madison Square Garden
35. Mama’s Pizza
36. Max Brenner’s
37. The Metropolitan Museum of the Arts
38. Mill Restaurant
39. NBC Studios
40. New York Law School
41. New York Public Library
42. New York Times
43. Nielsen Co.
44. Ocean Grill
45. The Onion
46. Penn Station
47. Qdoba
48. Radio City
49. Red Mango
50. Rockefeller
51. Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
52. Smoking Gun
53. St. Paul’s Chapel
54. Stage Deli
55. Starbucks
56. Sushi!
57. Time Square
58. Tom’s Restaurant
59. Toys R Us
60. Trinity Church
61. Trump Tower
62. Tudor City
63. The U.N. Building
64. Vermicelli
65. Virgil’s
66. Wall Street
67. Washington Park


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  2. I'm exhausted after looking at your map and the list of "visited locations." Thanks for your contribution Yong. While I feel as though the meetings with media professionals shaped the way in which I think about myself as a potential journalist or other media personnel, it's also true that a number of other experiences during our time in New York contributed greatly to the overall impression of the city. I was able to draw from our excursions so much more than simple advice about where new media will take us in the next decade, etc.. While I find those tools beneficial, I'm thankful for resulting realizations about the general goodness of humanity and discovery of self though explorations of my/our own. I know now that 100% professionalism can only get you so far--and that once a certain point is reached, it becomes apparent the important lessons in life are ones that can be learned in the Empire State Building, on Staten Island, a Harlem church, or Brooklyn pizza parlor.

    -Danika Heatherly

  3. Yong, Thank you so much for your thorough contribution to the trip. As Danika said, I think the experiences both inside and outside the Jan Term "classroom" have helped shape what these few weeks have been. As students under the broad umbrella of communications disciplines, interacting and listening to the insights and advice of native New Yorkers, fellow classmates and meeting hosts have all contributed to our learning. I need to acknowledge I am grateful to all my classmates and New Yorkers for the time they've shared with us. Not only has the trip provided us with business input, a cross section of industry jobs and a look into the lives of our peers, but also given us a chance to genuflect on who we all are as 12 students and two "chaperons" living together. Thanks to each of you who've made this trip memorable.


  4. Wow, it's crazy to look back at how many places we covered during our trip. I feel that we spent just the right amount of time there to get a feel for the city, and get comfortable getting around there. However, if we stayed any longer it probably would have felt like too much for me. That map also makes me realize another thing; how much money I probably ended up spending!

    -Jordan Kamikawa


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