Friday, January 16, 2009

Sean Hannity

Last night two of my good friends and I were blessed with the amazing opportunity to meet conservative fox news show host Sean Hannity and watch a live studio recording of his television show. The whole evening was a wonderful experience and gave us a first hand view of what live television and media broadcasting looks like.

It just so happened that that afternoon there had been a non-fatal plane crash in the Hudson River so the Hannity show was pushed back to cover the crash and his show schedule was rapidly changed to interview people involved with the incident.  Fox News was in chaos when we arrived at the building, bookers and crew members were running all over getting ready for the impromtu show. Depsite all the madness Mr. Hannity’s assistant invited us into the studio to meet him. I had to smile as we walked in and Mr. Hannity , the crew and several other show guests were tossing around a football and joking together. 

We had a great time talking with him and I was really amazed at how interested he was in talking about us and uninterested he was in himself. He asked us lots of questions about our trip so far, who we met with, and what we were looking to pursue in the media industry. 

Once the live show began we sat in the green room and talked to the show's guests for that evening. It was cool to watch the process of someone sitting in the green room, getting pulled into hair and make-up, hooked up with a microphone and then be put on live national television. I also really enjoyed getting to meeting and talk to so many fun people that were involved in the broadcast. Everyone was very friendly and happy to have us.

Over all it was a great night. We learned about real television broadcasting, met some fantastic people and had a lot of fun.



  1. Hannatizing America. I love it! yay I am so glad that we got the chance to experince that and meet Sean Hannity! I will never forget it. It was fun to be behind the scenes and see all the work that goes into the production of a television show. Off to DC next!

  2. Good post Hannah! Since I didn't have the opportunity to go to this meeting, it's great to hear about your experience there. It really sounded like an informative and hands-on tour, which is especially good if you are thinking of going into this field. Also, it was cool to hear that Hannity was humble despite being a big name in the news media.

    -Jordan Kamikawa


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