Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Public transportation: A tribute

After enjoying Metropolitan Transit Authority's "train" in New York and the "metro" of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, I think some scenes from our time spent in each area are long overdue.

-Derek Casanovas

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  1. I think that these pictures show how much time we have spent throughout the subway stations. We are either walking or riding the subways and it can get very tiring. You can tell this but looking at the picture of James and Danika who look like they are passed out. The annoying thing about the subway is that sometimes you have to stand and it can make you sore. Another problem that we have had with the subway is getting from the train statino to the hostel in DC with our luggage which was almost impossible and some of us almost got left behind. Over all I think that the subway statinos in both DC and New York are very helpful and it is really easy to get around. I wouldn't mind seeing them in every big city.

    Patrick Kenney


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