Saturday, January 10, 2009

My First Blog and the First Day

In the past three days I have experienced many 'firsts'. I am currently participating in a monumental moment--my first blog. Please give me grace as I attempt to participate in third party media. This is not my first trip to New York City but so far I have been able to see the city in a new light. I believe the girls can all agree we had our first close encounter with mice. Since then my dreams have been haunted by three blind mice scampering through our room, but I believe we have all conquered our fears of these rodents together. I just returned from an independent trip to West Point to visit a friend and in doing so, conquered the subway, train, and taxi systems of New York. During this trip, I ate my first felafel. It will most likely be my last as well. We were also exposed to a subway car full of improv artists wearing only their unmentionables and coats. Why? We have no idea, and upon asking them, I don't think they do either.

When visiting the Smoking Gun, I was stunned that this media force consisted of only three men. These men are a superpower in the industry, yet my first impression was tainted by the childlike toys, posters of athletes, and an oval office rug. Essentially, it looked like the dorm rooms of my male friends. However, these men are complete professionals and are absolutely confident in their ability to present news in a timely and true fashion. Their definition of news slightly differs from what FAIR critiques in their monthly publication, Extra!, and their radio show. Although these two groups have different effects on society, both of their productions are critical to the general public so that we may have access to the truth.

I expect many more "firsts" on this trip, hopefully none which result in food poisoning from street vendors, but I am sure that if it occurred this group of people would turn it into a glorious and fun experience...with a blog entry from the hospital.

-Nikki Warner


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