Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First Day!

I have been having a great time in the city so far! It has been pretty cold but at least I am away from the 7 ft snow in spokane. On Friday we had our first two meetings and it was very exciting and interesting. We went to FAIR and the Smoking Gun. The Smoking Gun was my favorite of the two. It was interesting to hear how they started up with nothing but just an idea that they want to tell news stories. They also talked about how they stay away from gossip and stick to just telling people about what is really going on in the world. I really liked that about them, especially since there is so much false information in the world today. The other cool thing aobut the smoking gun is that it is only an online website and it is run by three guys. It was crazy being in their office because the never once stopped working while we were there.

I also really enjoyed going to FAIR. Janine was a nice lady who had a lot of good advice for us about journalism. Fair has a radio show and a magazine called extra. She also talked about how she expected her journalsist to tell the real story with real facts. Fair also is fairly small with only 8 workers. It is interesting to hear how they work with such a small staff. Another fact about Fair is that it is a liberal publication. I lean more to the conservative side so it was nice to hear another point of view about the media. One question that came to my mind after we left is how do they advertise for their magazine? Being a marketing major that really interests me. As we left Janine gave us a copy of the Extra Magazine.

*so i chose the only computer with out a backpsace button so there are probally a lot of mistakes! Sorry!


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  1. I agree that it is pretty cool how the guys from smoking gun just do not do gossip. it is important to have someone otu there do ing that!

    I also was impressed with the staff at FAIR and how thery run with only 8 people and have been very successful doing so for the last decade or so!


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