Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Last Day in DC

My last day in DC was very amazing and it was probably the best day out of my whole time in DC, but there was nothing bad about DC so don’t get it in your head that I didn’t like DC. The day started off by me waking up around 10:30am and heading down with some of the group to the Liberty of Congress for the 11:30 tour. We were a couple minutes late but we managed to squeeze into the tour with no problems. Seeing as how we had little time throughout our time in DC to do very much because of our schedule that after the Liberty of Congress we pretty much did everything that we weren’t able to do, this was quite a bit. After the Liberty of Congress we headed over to the National Archives to meet up with the rest of the group. Since coming to DC we all really wanted to see the Declaration of Independence so when we got there we headed straight for it.

I was very excited to see the time line of how our country had developed into what it has become today and how from slavery in the old days to having a black president has shown how much we have grown as a country. After visiting the National Archives we went to the restaurant Potbelly which had the best sandwiches I have had sense being in Dc so they were pretty good. We then headed over to the Holocaust Museum where we learned all about how the Hewish people were treated and put in captivity and it really took a toll on the group. It really hit us hard to see how they were treated and I didn’t understand why no one would stand up to Hitler and help the Jewish people out. After that half of the group headed back to the hostel while the other half went to visit the Lincoln Memorial and for me that was one of the best parts of DC so it was pretty cool. The only bad part about visiting the Lincoln Memorial was the long walk that we had to go through to get back to our hostel.

In the end it was ok because it made us really hungry so by the time we got back we decided to go to a nice Thai restaurant that helped us solve our hunger problems. During dinner we noticed that someone had left their whole foods bag with a fair amount of food by their dinner table and never came back to get it while we were there. So we decided to give it to a poor women who looked to be very hungry and which actually worked out because it was her birthday the next day, or so she says. It’s kind of funny because we did what this saying says, “take from the rich and give to the poor” and it felt really good to help someone who was in need. Then we meet up with the other half of the group and had desert at the Capital City Brewery, it was really good and that just caped off a good day and a good night.

Patrick Kenney

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  1. Ah sounds like a nice day Pat! I'm glad it turned out so good in the end!



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