Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama was inaugurated into office today and I was blessed enough to be there. For me the most incredible part of the occasion had nothing to do with politics, parties, winning or losing, but with history. The dream of Martin Luther King that was spoken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial has reached the White House.

I have really enjoyed over the last few days all the historical coverage that the media has done. Remembering the story of America step by step. Our foundation, struggles, triumphs, heroes, wars, leaders, lessons and decisions were recalled and considered so that today we could began writing a new chapter to unfolding story of the United States of America.

My 2 good friends and I had an unforgettable day today as we tough the crowds to our ticket area for the inauguration ceremony, got some amazing pictures, and enjoyed the rest of ceremony and parade from a party with a fantastic view of the entire capital.

When I say we “toughed the crowds” I literally mean TOUGHED! This historical event was prospected to draw an estimated 4-5 million people and it did not fail!! The streets were absolute madness.

Now we loved our inauguration day party for 4 big reasons. And they are as follows: it was located in a warm building, there was free food and dessert all day, there was a fantastic view of the capital, presidential parade and live streaming coverage of the event, and lots of fun happy people to talk to.

We all like to chat with people and get to know them a bit so we were absolutely entertained all afternoon until our poor self abused feet made us head for home. But we met several executives from Ann Hauser-Busch and Honeywell who

are actively involved in politics here in Washington DC and they offer a fascinating “personal friend” view point of Biden and The Clintons.  

            My overall attitude of the day is a combination of anger because I think I permanently ruined my feet with all the walking, nostalgia and pride for my country, and a little more hope for the direction my government is going. Washington DC is reshaping my perspective and understanding of national politics and our government system. I’m excited to stay here for the next week to see the after math of the inauguration and just what makes this city tick.


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  1. I also feel the same way you did about my inauguration experience. Although we were not where you guys were (I wish was lucky enough to have ticket too!), I also felt much pain due to the freezing and toughed relentless crowds; but in the end it was all worth it. I'm so glad we were able to witness this historical event in person!

    -Jordan Kamikawa


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