Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last few days in DC

On Friday we had our last three days meetings in DC. We first met with The Express which is a newspaper that one of Jim’s former Whitworth Students works at. It is neat to see a Whitworth grad at work. Then we met with The Washington Post Online. Their online website is very modern with advanced technology. For our last meeting we met with the CEO of PBS. PBS is marketed more towards children because they have so many children television shows. They also have a website that is geared more to older teens and adults. PBS had some good ideas on how to get more people to watch their television shows and go to their online website. They have videos and games on their website that attracts more people. PBS is also heavily involved in the digital transition and agrees that is would be best to move forward with it.

On Saturday our last free day Nikki, Hannah, and I tried to see everything in one day. That did not work so well, but we did come close. We started off the morning with a good breakfast at and breakfast place by the capitol. Then we went for a tour of the capitol and the library of congress. They we went to the air and space museum to look for my grandpa’s award, but sadly we did not find it. Then we went to the castle and had lunch there and took a break from walking. Then we went to the museum of natural history where we watched a 3-D movie, which is our favorite. Then we went to all the monuments, the white house, Lincoln, Jefferson, WWII, FDR memorials, and the Washington Monument. It was a lot of walking and it was very cold outside, but it was worth it.

This has been a fun, but very busy trip. I’m a little sad to leave the east coast because I really like it here, minus the freezing cold weather. Looking back on all the meetings we have had I have learned a lot about the media and how it is rapidly changing. This trip started in New York, a city that seems to never sleep. I thought New York was fun and exciting, but I could never live there. My favorite place we visited was probably the Onion. They were so funny and very memorable. I like the atmosphere that surrounded the people and the office. I also really enjoyed meeting Sean Hannity. He was a nice guy and so down to earth. It was cool going to see the production and behind the scenes of a news show. All in all New York City was a lot of fun and I am so glad I got the chance to go there and meet some great people. Washington DC has been fun too. The most memorable part of the DC trip was of course the Inauguration. It was great to see all these people come together for this one historic event. My favorite meeting in DC was the National Association of Broadcasters. It was interesting to hear their perspectives on the digital transition and why they are pushing for it to happen. DC is such a cool city filled with our country’s history. I think that I like DC more than New York because it is cleaner and the people seem to be nicer. I have really enjoyed this trip and recommend it to all communications and marketing majors. It is a great experience and an eye opener to what the job world really looks like.


  1. I share many of the same thoughts that you expressed in your last paragraph. I would also never be able to live in New York, but the meetings and other things we've done here have been extremely valuable. Inauguration was also the highlight of my DC experience, especially because we were able to share it with 2 million other Americans. Overall, good post and thanks for sharing these things!

    -Jordan Kamikawa

  2. The Onion was also one of my favorite meetings we had. They seemed more than happy to speak with us, and I loved that more and more people kept walking into the room to talk to us.

    NAB was really interesting for me as well. The man we met with seemed to really enjoy his job, which makes me want to really listen to him more.

    Unlike you, I could see myself living in New York - at least for a year or two. I think it'd be hard to set up camp there permanently though. I was amazed at how much cleaner DC is than New York. I'm really glad we went to NYC first, because I would have hated it after seeing DC.

    -Maddie Hayes


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