Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday: A Very busy day

Yesterday was a very busy day. Instead of the usual 2 to 3 meetings we had four. The first meeting was with National Public Radio. We got a full tour of their building and studios. My favorite room was the recording studio room that John Mayer has recorded in. NPR is a very large building with about 6 floors. We discussed how NPR is trying to draw in a younger audience by adding music to their radio stations. Our next meeting was with a friend of Nikki’s. We met for a lunch meeting at a cute restaurant call Bill Bo Baggins which is located in Old Town Alexandria. Nikki’s friend Dwayne Dick brought along two of his colleagues and we discussed the digital transition. We discussed how there could be a delay in this transition due to money problems, but all three of the men we met with thought that it would be best if the digital transition occurred sooner rather than later. Our third meeting was with the Reporters committee for Freedom with Lucy Daglish. She gave us some of her views on journalism as well as some good advice on how to be a good journalist. She told us that we needed to be “truthful, accurate, and timely,” when we are writing news articles. Our last and fourth meeting was with Frank Lamonte who works at the Student Press Law Center. They have 24/7 hotline for students to call if they need advice in the law department.

Later on Thursday night Nikki, Hannah, and I went out to dinner with our friend Sally and her husband. Sally is the one who got us passes to get into the Inauguration watching party. We went to Capital Grill which is by the Newseum. It was very good food. The restaurant is famous here for its steaks. It was a lot of fun talking with Sally and her husband, they are great people. We talked about the inauguration and how it was for them. They had very good seats and in fact such good seats that they were sitting right next to Leonardo DiCaprio! They also sat by numerous other celebrities. Although they had great seats they also had trouble getting to their gate as well as most of the people attending the inauguration did. We all had such a good time and great food. The dinner was a great end to a very long Thursday.

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