Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saatchi & Saatchi

I was very impressed with Satchi & Satchis' presentation today and the overall information that they gave us. A lot of the commercials that they showed on the television today were commercials that I have seen before and they were very funny. It was very interesting to see the process of making a commercial for a client. It starts out with an objective that the client wants to present, then the idea starts to form, then shooting and production and then finally is the editing and after this whole process the commercial is put on tv. I think my favorite commercial that they showed was the miller light commercials, I just think those are the funniest. Two questions that I wanted to ask but didn't get enough time was, what is the average cost per ad and where do they get this money to make the ad? I know that channel 13 even though they weren't commericals, they were movies they still had to raise the money themselves. The coolest part about going to visit Satchi & Satchi was going on the tour and getting to go on the roof and see the entire city of Manhatten. If we had gone up there 30 minutes later we might have been able to see that US Airways plane crash but thankfully no one was hurt. I thought Satchi & Satchi was a very interesting company to go and visit and I am glad that we did.

Patrick Kenney


  1. I agree Pat. The atmosphere and philanthropic goals of the company were fun to experience!

  2. Definitely looked like a fun place to work! The company had a lot of innovative ideas that were refreshing to hear about. And of course that view was amazing!!



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